Pete the Carnivorous Plant

This website contains comic strips charting the epic story of Pete the Carnivorous Plant, from his humble beginnings as a daisy all the way to ... well, read the comics and find out. There are several different ways that you can access the various comic strips...

O Read the comics one at a time.
O An index containing scripts of each comic.
O Read the comics one section at a time.
O An index listing the comics
O Read all the comics on one big page.

If you've read some or all of the strips then you may be interested in finding some more information about the background of Pete the Carnivorous Plant. If you're interested in finding out more about the character, you can see some character summaries or look at some early pictures of them. Alternatively, if you're more interested in why I created the comics strips, you can read a couple of rambles I wrote whilst doing the strips.

If you're more interested in me full stop, feel free to view my web page or contact me.

This page was created by Sebastian Bleasdale. It is best viewed with any browser that can read xhtml (although if you can't view the pictures, you may find it a little unrewarding.) Feel free to contact me with any comments you may have.